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+(60)12 486 1009

Born in 1996. Penang Island, Malaysia.

She obtained her bachelor degree in Architecture from Taylor's University, Malaysia. She then chose to further specialize in Furniture Design, by completing her Masters in Poli.Design by Politecnico di Milano. She worked in Keiji Ashizawa Design, Sputnik Forest and Studio Irvine.

She won her first international award, A Seat for Museums by MuseoCity Milano, in 2021, as one of the designers for the OP∙PO chair. 

Xindean Design was established in 2021.

The studio is multidisciplinary, specializing in furniture, product design; adding sensibility to the value of design. Constantly contemplating the intention of extruding a single line, a tiny dot, into a tangible piece that is a companion to us humans. 


self portrait,                 2003

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