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The winner project of the competition, A Seat for Museums by MuseoCity - OP∙PO, by Maria Avgerinou, Wenny Wang, Xin Dean and Waleska Galdamez. 

OP∙PO reimagines how chairs in a museum are used. It allows two person to rest on a same chair while facing opposite directions. Constructing on a metal frame and using the material cork which is biodegradable, enables OP∙PO to be easily disassembled for maintenance and recycling.

OP∙PO is a versatile and multifunctional chair, with a light and stackable structure, easily transportable, so it can blend in with the different environments of the museum without diverting attention from the artworks. 

The chair is now being displayed at all rooms of Galleria D'italia, Milano.

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